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Very few people choose a new car solely on the appearance and sticker price. We don’t just want a car that looks nice, we want a car that will be safe, easy to maintain, and fuel efficient. Did you know you can access the same kind of information when purchasing a new home?

When you have information about the energy efficiency, health & safety, and durability of a home, you make a more informed decision!

Energy efficient homes

My home came with a HERS® Score... What is a HERS Score?

Great question! Energy efficiency programs like Home Energy Rating System (HERS), ENERGY STAR®, LEED for Homes®, and National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS) take the guess work out of choosing an energy efficient house! 

Energy efficiency certified homes are carefully inspected by an applied building science professional (people like us!).  We verify that the home meets or exceeds the program's efficiency goals. 

Even better, when a home has an energy efficiency certification, you can compare it to other homes' efficiency and make the best choice for your preferences!

The HERS Score - One Number That Says It All!

Like a miles-per-gallon (MPG) label for houses, the HERS Index® Score is the one number that tells you how energy-efficient a home is compared to other homes.

  • Compare homes based on energy performance
  • Know what the projected energy costs are for the home you want to buy
  • Enjoy peace of mind by knowing the home was rated by a certified RESNET® HERS Rater

Learn More about HERS Scores!

What makes a home high-performance? What makes a home energy-efficient?

When you're comparing homes, see how they measure up on these 7 essential factors of energy efficient, healthy, and resilient homes!

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Please note: All home certification and service documentation is property of the builder. Please reach out to your builder directly to request documentation of services performed by EnergyLogic.

To find out if a home has been HERS® rated by a certified HERS Rater, and view its confirmed HERS Rating Score in the RESNET® National Registry, click here to search by address! 


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