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Housing Tides synthesizes housing market perspectives & predictions into one interactive interface, enabling efficient, data-based decisions.

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The Housing Tides Interface enables you to rapidly...

Compare Housing Markets


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Housing Tides Index™

The Index compares the health of the top 50+ U.S. housing markets.

It scores each market's health, based upon 18 market indicators ranging from unemployment rates and housing permits to rental vacancy and mortgage foreclosure rates.

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Prepare for Market Change


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Single & Multi-Family Permit Forecasts

Single and multi-family housing permit forecasts for the top 50+ U.S. markets.

Gain a competitve advantage by seeing further into the future with permit forecasts (most other models predict construction starts).

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Assess Housing Sentiment


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Housing Media Analysis

Using cognitive computing powered by IBM Watson®, Housing Tides Analysis interprets the sentiment from over 500 U.S. housing news articles/month.

Filters allow you to tailor media results to your region, time period, source, or keyword.

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