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We are here to help you understand high-performance homes – from quick, clear information to exploring the science behind high-performance homes in depth.

Choosing an efficient, healthy, and resilient home is one of the best decisions you can make!

Whether you are researching high-performance homes because you purchased a home evaluated by EnergyLogic or you are considering purchasing a home and want to include efficiency and high-performance in your decision-making process, congratulations! You have made a sound buying decision or are on your way to doing so.

What is a high-performance home?

Very few people make a purchasing decision based solely on the appearance and sticker price when purchasing a car. We don’t just want a car that looks nice, we want a car that will be safe, easy to maintain and fuel efficient. Often, homeowners don’t know that they can access the same kind of information when purchasing a new home.

A high-performance home has not only been designed and engineered by qualified people, but also has been inspected by certified third-party building science experts. This provides detailed information about the home you are interested in. Depending on programs, such as ENERGY STAR® or current building codes, information about energy efficiency (the cost of ownership), comfort, durability, health and safety, and high performance can help you make a more informed decision when purchasing a home.

A high performance new construction home

A high-performance home is one that goes beyond aesthetics and location... One that takes into account the many factors that create a safe, beautiful, and efficient environment for your family.

Components of a high-performance home:

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