Energy Certifications & Ratings

Do you want your homes to stand out from the crowd?

9 out of 10 homebuyers would choose an energy efficient home over a cheaper, less efficient home!

Homebuyers are realizing that high-performance homes are more affordable and safer to live in.

Whether you're just dipping your toes into energy certifications or you're an advanced builder looking for cutting edge energy certifications, we'll help you build your best homes yet. 

We don't just believe in high-performance building because it's good for the environment.  We believe in its power to benefit everyone involved.  Your homeowners will love having a more affordable house, thanks to decreased energy utility bills every month.  And you will decrease risk and differentiate yourself in the market by building homes that are more energy efficient, healthy, and resilient.


Some of the certifications we offer:

What are the benefits of energy ratings, certifications, and verifications?

  • Third-Party Verification - Our energy professionals carefully inspect your homes throughout the building process, verifying that the home will meet performance expectations.
  • Alignment with Homeowner Desires - According to a National Association of Home Builders® (NAHB) study, 9 out of 10 homebuyers would choose a house with energy efficient features over a cheaper, less efficient home.
  • Brand Recognition - Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of green building programs and labels such as like ENERGY STAR®, HERS® Ratings, LEED® Certifications, Indoor AirPLUS™, and WaterSense.

  • Decreased Total Cost of Ownership - Imagine your homebuyer's delight when they learn how much they'll save on utility bills every month because you built a high-performance home! Your sales team will thank you!
  • Market Differentiation - You'll be able to show homeowners that you've gone above and beyond to build them a home that is efficient, healthy, and resilient. 

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