Ben Graham

Ben Graham - The EnergyLogic Team

Quality Assurance Lead

With EnergyLogic since April 2012

What do you do at EnergyLogic?

Home inspections, performance testing, and modeling work are repetitive. So I'm here to make sure we are being consistent and following the rules of our industry. I am also very focused on continuing education and feedback loops. If you want it done better next time, you're going to need a constructive feedback loop!

What is your favorite quote from a coworker?

"Ben, your brain works differently than most." - Scott Doyle

What special talents to you bring to EnergyLogic?

I'm an idea guy. I could come up with 10 solutions to a problem you didn't know you had. 1 or 2 might actually be good ideas but the others are sure to make you laugh.

Ben Graham - The EnergyLogic Team

What excites you about working at EnergyLogic?

As our Quality Assurance guy, I'm always excited to travel to different parts of the country and see new construction types and designs. I like meeting new people in the industry trading information about sustainability, energy efficiency, and durability.

What core value resonates with you the most and why?

Energy! I have lots of it and my life is dedicated to using it freely and positively.

What are your hobbies?

I strive to be a jack of all trades, master of none. I like all things outdoors. Paragliding is my newest hobby and I might be okay if it takes over my life.

What is on the top of your current bucket list?

Compete in my first paragliding competition in Mexico this winter.

Perfect Saturday?

I would get a morning bike ride in before the heat of the day turned on. Then I would launch my paraglider at around 11am, climb up to 12k and fly 100 miles across the mountains of Colorado. Then land near a back country lake where I would set up camp and fish for dinner before flying home the next day.

What makes up your family?

I have a girlfriend of 6 years, 4 orchids, some succulents and a veggie garden.

Where have you lived?

Williamsport PA > Nashua NH > Burlington VT > Sandy Bay Tasmania AUS > Jackson WY > Rockville MD > Golden CO!!!

Anything else you want people to know about you?

I have not come up with my best idea yet.

Ben Graham snowboarding
Ben Graham paragliding
Ben Graham in a boat