Daniel Brunet

Dan Brunet

Field Operations Area Manager

With EnergyLogic since November 2017

What's your favorite quote from a co-worker?

"If your only tool is a hammer, everything is a nail." Meaning, if you only have one option to solve a problem, it will never be solved correctly.

What passions, talents, or interests do you bring to your position at EL?

I'm funny, that's my passion, talent, and mostly an interest too. Seriously though, I love energy efficiency. I'll probably never have the most building science knowledge on the field team, but I bring a strong "human element" to my job in the way I interact with supers, trades, co-workers, and everyday people I meet through my job. I listen to what they say and I remember things so that in six months when I see a particular trade person again, I can ask how the wedding went or if their daughter's volleyball team did well this season. It's a connection that is missing in the abrasive industry of construction. Just my $0.02.

Dan Brunet - The EnergyLogic Team

Do you have any unique talents?

I juggle. I have a knack for remembering extremely trivial facts that will help no-one, but are always fun to pull out when the conversation gets awkward with people I'm just meeting for the first time. I'm always on time for things, never late. That's a talent isn't it?

What makes up your family?

Claire- Wife, Liam- Son, Chloe & Bridget- Daughters

How would you spend your perfect Saturday?

A quick run to the grocery store, flag football/gymnastics practice, required attendance for a kids birthday party, mow the lawn, dial in the Michigan score, prep for the nights hockey game, whiskey, fall asleep in my chair by the end of the second period of the hockey game.

Where have you lived?

Detroit Michigan, Wilmington NC, Vancouver WA, Denver CO and almost Canada because they wouldn't let me back into the US since I didn't declare some beer I was trying to smuggle back into the US.

What's something that people may be surprised to learn about you?

I love 80's music, all of it.

How would you describe your job?

Reducing residential energy consumption one LED bulb at a time. Helping an unknown homeowner to have the most energy efficient, comfortable, and rewarding home within my abilities as a building science person.

Dan Brunet's daughters in lawn chair
Dan Brunet camping with family
Dan Brunet's son