Jesse Marcus

Sustainability Assistant Projects Manager

With EnergyLogic since May 2018

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I love the ability to share ideas across our an entire company at the blink of an eye. Due to the nature of our work being spread out across the Front Range, this ability to directly communicate with everyone in the company really improves our processes!

Which core value resonates with you most?

"All for One" is a core value that resonates with me because so much of our work involves coworkers taking individual steps to accomplish a larger, cohesive goal. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Jesse Marcus - The EnergyLogic Team

What are your hobbies?

Besides all of the typical Colorado endeavors (skiing, hiking, camping, etc.), I am also a musician and love to write, record, and perform my own music.

What did you study?

I graduated from CU - Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies.

Top of your current bucket list?

I would LOVE visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Jesse Marcus with guitar