Kyle Heser

Kyle Heser - The EnergyLogic Team

Energy Rater 

With EnergyLogic since August 2018

What made you want to work at EnergyLogic?

I wanted to work for a small company that values people as people, instead of barcodes. I wanted to make a direct impact on sustainability and environmental efficiency. And I can't stand sitting in a cubicle.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Although the work that I do may not seem glamorous and I'm not directly saving any baby seals (yet), I go home every day feeling fulfilled that I have helped at least one more family ensure they will live comfortably and use less energy, and this adds up with every home.

What is your favorite core value?

D - Do the right thing. This is the veil that every business operates under, that what it is doing is good for people, the community, the planet. Sadly, this is so often the one major aspect left out of many business decisions. Doing the right thing requires an awareness beyond profit margins and convenience, and I see this acted out and reinforced by one and all at EnergyLogic.

Kyle Heser - The EnergyLogic Team

What are your favorite hobbies?

Being outdoors is a great hobby, and, like everyone else, it happens to be one of mine. Hiking, biking, running, backpacking, snowboarding, slacklining... if there's sunshine and scenery, count me in. Other identities I assume- I'm a live music addict, a craft beer fanatic, a home brewer, and documentary viewer. I like to read, cook, and play cards. Oh, and I teach yoga.

What's something people may be surprised to learn about you?

My first job out of college was working in Chainpur, Nepal at Nepal's first craft microbrewery.

What is on the top of your current bucket list?

I hope my next adventure will take me to see the ancient Persian ruins in Kashan, Persepolis, and Samarqand in Iran.

What and where did you study?

I received a bachelor of science in materials engineering and physics from Colorado School of Mines, and a master of engineering science in renewable energy engineering from the University of New South Wales.

Describe your perfect day off...

My perfect day off would consist almost exclusively of mountain time, either hiking from sunrise to late afternoon or a full ski day. The only proper way to round out such a day is with good food, good friends and good beer.

Kyle Heser in  Annapurna
Kyle Heser in New Zealand
Kyle Heser with kids in Cambodia