Nathan Kahre

Nathan Kahre - The EnergyLogic Team

Business Development Manager

With EnergyLogic since December 2019

What passions, talents, or interests do you bring to your position at EL?

Before EnergyLogic, I worked for a high-performance builder. That experience prepared me to be a "translator" for these two worlds. Builders and raters operate in similar spheres, but view their work very differently. I enjoy helping each side understand each other better, enabling everyone to succeed.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I enjoy the opportunity to take something great and make it even better, whether that is working internally with the team at EnergyLogic or with all the amazing builders along the Front Range.

Do you have a favorite core value? If so, why?

B - Build a Better Mousetrap. I am not the person to be content with the status quo and I am always looking for opportunities to improve!
Nathan Kahre - The EnergyLogic Team

What made you want to work at EnergyLogic?

EnergyLogic has developed a team of passionate, intelligent, and talented people that care about the homes they service and the people that they work with.

Where/what did you study in school?

East Tennessee State University - B.S. Construction Engineering Technology

Appalachian State University - M.S. Technology Concentrations in Sustainable Building Design and Construction and Building Science

Do you have any unique hobbies?

I grew up in a kitchen and I love to cook. Currently I am working on perfecting my pasta making skills.

How would you spend your perfect Saturday?

Good food, a good book, and some time outside.
Nathan Kahre shoeshoing
Nathan Kahre outside in brightly colored shirt
Nathan Kahre at Red Rocks