Ryan Soto

Ryan Soto - The EnergyLogic Team

Senior Energy Rater

With EnergyLogic since October 2016

What made you want to work at EnergyLogic?

I was working as an insulator at the time. On a daily basis, I’d be covered from head to toe in cellulose dust. But those inspectors, always in their clean shirts, actually choosing what to wear in the morning. I thought, “that’s the life for me!”

In truth, some insulation companies are more interested in speed than quality, and I couldn’t stand for that when a family like mine was about to put their dreams into the home.

How would you describe your job?

I’ve become an expert in residential energy and which taco truck is best!

Top of your current bucket list?

Oh, to write a rock opera or modern musical. I have a few songs ready to guide the narrative, but the culmination of my life’s hobby deserves more life lived than I’ve given. I try not to put the destination ahead of the journey.

Ryan Soto - The EnergyLogic Team

How would you describe your perfect Saturday?

A couple hours on a beautiful trail with my family and the beast (85lb lab/husky puppy) pulling us like a sled up the tougher inclines. Then we’d settle into a deep Office Space vibe for the afternoon, and wrap the day with food and drinks with good friends and family. Nothing special, but everything perfect.

Where did you go to school?

The most beautiful part of Indiana is down south, and the best college town around is for Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana reminded me of my favorite parts of Colorado, and moving back to this state was at the top of my bucket list until I graduated.