Zach DeWolfe

Zach DeWolf - EnergyLogic Team

Multi-Family & Commercial Program Manager

With EnergyLogic since October 2016

Do you have a favorite quote from a co-worker?

It was one of my first days on the job training, I had yet to fully grasp what this job entailed and what its impact was. Ben Graham told me, "I like to think I have a little impact on every home I'm in, that we can just make it that much better." This stuck with me, while we may not see our impact on every home, it's good to remind yourself that every home that we are in can be made a little better by us.

What excites you about working for EnergyLogic?

It is exciting to work for a company that is at the forefront of a new and growing industry focused on creating a more sustainable and resilient future.

What core value resonates with you most?

The D, for Do the Right Thing, resonates strongly with me. There are shortcuts that can be taken anywhere in life. EnergyLogic strongly supports Doing the Right Thing in any circumstance, whether it be for the job, the client, or yourself.

Zach DeWolfe - The EnergyLogic Team

What did you study?

I attended TCU in Fort Worth, TX and MSU Denver here in Colorado. I studied Environmental Policy in Texas, and came up here and studied Water Sciences. While attending MSU Denver I had the opportunity to work on the Colorado Water Plan.

How would you spend your perfect Saturday?

Depending on the time of year, either a good backcountry trip on the snowboard or mountain bike; possibly both if its spring or fall. Followed by refreshing libations with friends, some live music, or a nice campfire.

Where have you lived?

I grew up in Austin, which was an awesome town to grow up in. Moved to Durango right after school, and spent about 6 years living in the mountains in Durango and Vail. Decided to come get a grown up job back in the big city, which brought me back to the flat land and Denver.

Zach DeWolfe belaying a climber
Zach DeWolfe Snowboarding
Zach DeWolf with friends