Coronavirus: Preparing Your Business for Turbulent Times

Preparing for Turbulent Times - Housing Tides - coronavirus business prep

How to prepare for (and make the best of) market uncertainty.

Prepare your business for turbulent times such as the coronavirus. Image of sailboat with storm coming.

Coronavirus: A Black Swan Event

During the past month, we have seen a Black Swan event enter the market with the coronavirus creating hysteria in the financial markets and the media. The hysteria will calm down and you as a decision-maker will be faced with making strategic choices on how to move forward.

Up to this point, it might have looked like the economy was on autopilot with the housing market being under-built. Housing Tides™ gave you valuable intelligence, with forecasting and a platform for tracking housing supply indicators. With plenty of business at hand, you could plan for smooth sailing. Then, the unexpected Black Swan swam into your pond, panicking your ecosystem.

Strategically Position Your Business

First, this housing market is fortunate not to have a huge inventory overhang as in the last recessions. And, the coronavirus challenge is not driven by high interest rates. The issues that are about to appear are not driven by the industry problems that you are used to facing. How do we look forward to meeting this new challenge?

  • Staff Appropriately
    Right-size your company. If there is a slowdown in housing, make sure you are staffed with the best people. In an age where it has been a huge challenge to hire anybody, take advantage of any employment tightness easing.
  • Watch Your Debt
    With interest rates so low it has been tempting to borrow to expand your business, make capital investments in machinery or expand property and buildings. Corporate debt is as high as it has ever been. Be prudent. Trim your debt to capital ratio. Strengthen your relationships with your lenders and capital partners.
  • Keep Your Customers
    Your customers are your most valuable asset. Take every opportunity to reinforce your relationship with them. Your customers will have issues and problems. Work with them in solving what is most important to them.

Hold Steady

We don’t yet know what impact the coronavirus will have on the housing industry. Don’t overreact.  Once the fog of the hysteria clears, keep in touch with the ever-shifting tides of the market.

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2 Comments on “Coronavirus: Preparing Your Business for Turbulent Times”

  1. Thank you for this logical, reasonable approach…to calm the hysteria that is brewing. My clients at Building Knowledge Canada so appreciate all you do. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tracy! We’re so glad that you found our post useful, thank you for your kind feedback. We appreciate all of you at Building Knowledge Canada!

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