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DASH by EnergyLogic

Are you looking for a powerful, comprehensive tool to run your energy services company?

DASH enables you to...

  • Manage your job and administrative schedule
  • Track jobs and job data through the entire process
  • Provide reporting at job level
  • Consolidate and report data for clients, builders, sponsor programs, utilities, environmental programs, and more
  • Integrate with QuickBooks® for billing and invoicing
  • Integrate with REM/Rate® and Ekotrope for HERS® ratings
  • Provide instant and relevant communication to clients
  • Manage sampling protocols
  • Track QA requirements
  • Manage your RESNET rating registry

... All from one online program!

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We follow three development principles:

DASH consistent and efficient.

DASH should help us be consistent and efficient.

We began by committing that we would never again type an address more than once.

Every bit of information we have on every project is stored in DASH, so we have up to the minute information about the status of each of our homes, as well as a detailed historical record of every inspection.

Because of DASH:

  • We never lose files.
  • We never forget to bill anything.
  • We never forget to follow up if re-inspections are needed.
DASH consistent and efficient.

DASH must be flexible.

We hard-code as little as possible, so DASH can grow and change with you.

  • Define your own set of client services, programs, drop-down lists and inspection notes
  • Set up your own automated email communications, with custom distribution lists
  • Build your own inspection forms, specific to your field data requirements
  • Build workflows specific to each program to keep your whole team on track
  • Allow access (or not!) to contractors and builders
  • Control your own pricing, invoicing and billing
DASH consistent and efficient.

DASH should allow us to all to work together seamlessly.

The services that you provide to clients are complicated, because our deliverables—HERS scores, reports, program certifications, code verifications—are created from multiple interactions, often by different staff members, over a period of several months.

DASH allows for communication across inspections, so that you can send any rater on your team to an address at any point in the inspection without missing a beat.

DASH also integrates your admin team into the inspection process, allowing up-to-the-minute information to flow between scheduling, the field, and billing. 

Wondering how you've survived all this time without DASH?

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The DASH Story... 

Built by energy professionals, for energy professionals.

We didn't set out to build enterprise management software that would transform our industry. We just hate chaos and needed a better solution.

We wanted a system that would allow us to provide the highest quality energy rating, auditing, and consulting services to our clients. A system that would support us as we grew in this exciting and rapidly changing field.

And so, DASH (then named iRate) was born.  As rating companies began to use DASH, it gained attention. In 2008, DASH won the "RESNET® Industry Innovation Award."

Today, we’re 10+ years into building DASH, and there is no end in sight. DASH keeps getting better because, like you, we’re always looking for ways to be more efficient, more organized, and provide better service and information to our clients.

We couldn’t run our business without DASH, and as soon as you start using it, you’ll feel the same.

Steve Byers accepting RESNET Innovation Award for DASH in 2008
Steve Byers receiving our RESNET Industry Innovation Award in 2008.