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Are you the next great Logician?

What does it mean to be an Energy Logician?

Many job ads read, “Must be a team player.” But what does that really mean? At EnergyLogic we care deeply about our Logicians and want them to care deeply about our mission and for each other. So while we seek applicants with relevant skills and experience for job openings, we also look for people whose resumes and cover letters reflect our values; we want to feel your passion for making the world a better, healthier place and want to be sure you are the kind of person who isn’t afraid of “getting your hands dirty;” Someone who is willing cover a job for a fellow Logician who is ill or take out the recycling when it’s full. We want to know that you strive for excellence in the work you do currently, whether you wait tables or build complex spreadsheets.

Another common job ad requirement: “Excellent communication skills.” At EnergyLogic, this means we want assurance that you are going to be the kind of employee who responds to emails, voicemails, and texts promptly, and that your communications are clear, candid, kind, and well-said.

Are you the next Energy Logician?

Are you the missing member of our team?

EnergyLogic has a hardworking, tech savvy, inclusive, caring culture; the culture thrives by putting the right people, in the right positions.
If you think you have the potential to be the next great Logician, submit your resume and cover letter to:

Who reviews job applications?

After sending in your resume and cover letter, you'll hear from Laurie Hindman.  Laurie is EnergyLogic's Director of People & Culture.

"Our team of Logicians is made up of individuals who each bring to the table their unique perspective, humor, experiences, culture, and passion for the mission. I love meeting and onboarding new people, knowing that we are adding fresh energy and original thought to the EnergyLogic community."

- Laurie Hindman

Laurie Hindman - EnergyLogic's Director of People & Culture
Laurie Hindman - EnergyLogic's Director of People & Culture