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DASH & QA GenieLite

We didn't set out to create software... we set out to solve a problem.  We needed an industry specific program to run our rating company, but no such thing existed. So we created DASH, the first system to tackle the  challenges of managing a rating company & the massive amount of data in ratings.

As our company and the industry grew, we recognized the need for automated QA. EnergyLogic is proud to have conceived of and built QA Genie, the backbone of RESNET QA. From that was born QA GenieLite a tool available to all Energy Raters to up their game.

If you want to simplify the process of running a rating company, we have the tools for you!

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Providing & Quality Assurance

If you're looking for an partner that is committed to your success and growth, you'll find it in us.  We remember what it's like to be a small rating company.  With over 60 employees, we understand the challenges and fun of growth.  We offer:

  • Providing for Energy Professionals
  • 3rd Party Quality Assurance for Providers

Our dedicated ePro Team has years of experience, a deep collective knowledge base, and the skill to keep up with our rapidly evolving industry.

Providing for Energy Professionals

Quality Assurance for Providers

Continuing Education

We are a company of adventurers.  We love the outdoors, community, and craft beer.  So we figured, why not create a conference full of those things?

Of course, you'll earn CEUs and hear from industry leaders.  But at RaterFest! that's just the beginning.

From when you arrive on Friday afternoon to when you depart on Sunday, you'll be surrounded by mountains, friends, fresh air, and conference rooms that let nature in.

Ready to experience our take on an "un-conference"?  Join us!

Dates: RaterFest! 2020 dates coming soon!

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