Recession Signals?

Inverted Yield Curve- for web

A warning sign appeared in January with a phenomenon we call the “Inverted Yield Curve.” It’s predicted nearly every recession in the last 60 years.

There’s a New Gasket Guru in Town!

Improve air sealing with GREAT STUFF PRO

Improve your blower door test results with GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gasket! This product offers many benefits to improve air sealing performance for homebuilders.

Energy Code Upheaval

EnergyLogic's insights on Colorado's Energy Code Upheaval

Energy code guidance. EnergyLogic leads you through what you need to know to meet code requirements with as little pain as possible.

Colorado Housing Market Forecast – September 2019

Colorado Housing Market Forecast - September - 2019

Single and multi-family construction permit activity diverge in recent months. Lower mortgage rates reinforce builder confidence, but consumers say it’s not a good time to buy a home and remain wary of a recession in 2020.

The Mysterious Case of the Leaky Light Fixture

The Case of the Leaky Light

My wife and son recently commented that the spare bedroom was looking “very dim.” “Can you add more light or at least add stronger bulbs?” they asked.

When I went to investigate the single overhead light, I could see through the frosted glass that both bulbs were functioning – but one did appear to be somewhat dull. That was my first clue that something quite odd was happening…