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COVID-19 Resource Center

EnergyLogic's COVID-19 Updates & Remote Inspection Protocols

We are rigorously following safety protocols and collaborating with our builder partners to keep working for as long as we are all able to safely do so.

Construction Deemed Essential Service; Colorado Will Keep Working

The month of March, 2020, CSHBA along with the Associated General Contractors, the Colorado Homebuilders Association and a number of other organizations worked together to educate Governor Polis on the importance of keeping the construction industry working as an essential industry. Our hard work paid off! On Sunday, March 22, Governor Polis declared that construction and the vendors who supply services and materials to those businesses as an essential service and not subject to shutdowns as other industries have faced. Employers should allow employees to work remotely or stagger their shifts to minimize the number of people working at any one time. Letter to Governor Polis

EnergyLogic's Classification as a Critical Business

EnergyLogic qualifies as a Critical Business, per Section 9, Construction, referenced in the state of Colorado’s Executive Order, 20-24, dated March 22, 2020.

EnergyLogic's Critical Business Classification

EnergyLogic's COVID-19 Service Protocol

EnergyLogic's COVID-19 service protocol includes scheduling, inspection, and testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EnergyLogic's COVID-19 Service Protocol

EnergyLogic's Business Continuity Plan

EnergyLogic's COVID-19 Policy

Open Letter to Governor Polis

EnergyLogic's Letter to Governor Polis

Open letter to Colorado Municipal & County Officials

Letter to Colorado Municipal & County Officials

Remote Inspection Protocol Resources

Remote Inspection Protocols for Building Code Departments - 2020


EnergyLogic has been utilizing video conference call technology since 2014 to provide remote quality assurance oversight of our RESNET® QA Delegates across the United States. As an industry leader in remote oversight, EnergyLogic has taken the RESNET approved protocols as a foundation and adapted them to the roles that building code inspectors and site superintendents would need for success.

This document shares the recommendations, best practices, and other helpful information that we have learned in our remote inspection experience.

View/Download Remote Inspection Protocols

Colorado's Jurisdiction Status & Updates


Quickly reference this collaborative Google doc which outlines the status of Colorado's building jurisdictions. As an exclusive invitee, you have viewing and editing permissions. Any contribution of additional information to help keep this document updated is both welcome and appreciated!

Be in the Know With This Collaborative Document

Virtual Inspections Webinar - March 19, 2020

EnergyLogic's Virtual Inspection Webinar recording is now available! This on-demand version can be viewed as a point of reference or shared with other industry professionals who may find value in the topic and discussion.

Watch Our Virtual Inspections Webinar

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