Options for Solar Exemptions in Denver

Solar Solutions

Denver’s new energy code aims for residential electrification to meet 2030 climate goals, posing challenges in solar installation compliance. Published May 16, 2024Challenges and Opportunities Denver recently enacted a new energy code for all new residential construction. The jurisdiction is pushing hard for electrification, which is critical to meeting our 2030 climate goals. The city is now at the forefront of energy … Read More

Looking Back on Housing’s Most Unusual Year

Looking back on the Front Range Housing Market's most unusual year - web header

What a year 2020 has been for new home builders! It started strong, then came COVID. Learn how the Front Range Housing Market has fared, which players are doing best, and what obstacles lay ahead.

Where Are the For Sale Signs?

Where Are the For Sale Signs? Housing Tides Blog Header Image

Where are the for sale signs? Fresh housing data support supply reaches a new low as sales pick up with renewed economic activity.

Regional Pandemic Effects on Housing

Regional Pandemic Effects on Housing Blog Image

We dive into the geographical trends of COVID-19 cases in the country to get a better picture of the effects on housing markets in the coming months.