Yielding Housing Insights

Yielding Housing Insights

What is the yield curve, what does it mean when it’s “inverted,” and why is it important to the residential construction industry?

Jake Picard

Jake Picard - The EnergyLogic Team

Beyond the outline of the job itself, I was drawn to the purpose of the company and the core values. I have to feel as if my work fits into my personal value system. The core values show a company with their heart in the right place. All for one and one for all! I am excited to work with … Read More

Stephen Turnbo

Steve Turnbo - The EnergyLogic Team

My job at EnergyLogic is the most flexible job I’ve ever had. It involves a lot of traveling around the city on a daily basis which is nice. It can be mentally challenging at times, but I believe that that’s necessary for personal growth.

Kyle Heser

Kyle Heser - The EnergyLogic Team

My first job out of college was working in Chainpur, Nepal at Nepal’s first craft microbrewery.

Barb Ver Steeg

Barb Ver Steeg - The EnergyLogic Team

I’m a Colorado native but I have lived in Arizona, Alaska, Illinois, Australia, and Firenze, Italy. Hiking.