Barb Ver Steeg

Barb Ver Steeg - The EnergyLogic Team

I’m a Colorado native but I have lived in Arizona, Alaska, Illinois, Australia, and Firenze, Italy. Hiking.

Quinn Stedman

Quinn Stedman - The EnergyLogic Team

I really enjoy the fact that my job is very hands on and that my “office” is out in the field. I’ve had a desk job before and it’s not my cup of tea. It’s also great that everyone I work with is so welcoming – some of the most kind, helpful people I have met! I’ve always been so … Read More

Ryan Soto

Ryan Soto - The EnergyLogic Team

I was working as an insulator at the time. On a daily basis, I’d be covered from head to toe in cellulose dust. But those inspectors, always in their clean shirts, actually choosing what to wear in the morning. I thought, “that’s the life for me!” In truth, some insulation companies are more interested in speed than quality, and I … Read More

Robby Schwarz

Robby Schwarz - The EnergyLogic Team

I would like to travel in the Stans. Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or somewhere like that. An epic adventure.

Sanaya Robles

Sanaya Robles - The EnergyLogic Team

Honestly, the neverending list-making. I love coordinating events that require a lot of small details. This gives me the opportunity to put my organizational skills to the test. Once the day of the event arrives (if everything is organized right) the event feels like a carefully orchestrated performance and everything fits into place. Being a part of that orchestration gives … Read More