Exceeding Industry Standards

Builders Exceeding Industry Standards

EnergyLogic highlights our building partners with projects that go above and beyond.Published August 31, 2023Geeking OutThe team members at EnergyLogic are proud to be “energy geeks” who get excited to be involved in projects that go above and beyond essential energy code compliance. We love seeing low blower door numbers, cool new technology in heat pumps and water heaters, and … Read More

Reducing Builder Risk

Reducing Builder Risk with EnergyLogic

EnergyLogic is Expanding Third Party Builder Risk Management Services Published August 31, 2023Avoid Unnecessary Claims and Costly Litigation New home construction is hard enough with increasing costs, rising interest rates, and decreasing trade capacities. EnergyLogic wants to be part of your solution to reduce warranty claims and decrease risk through our Third-Party Builder Risk Management Services. Construction defect litigation is an unfortunate … Read More

Panelized Construction Moves Into New Territory

New materials and methods make high performance construction easier and more cost effective for builders. Published August 31, 2023An Old Dog with New Tricks Panelized construction has been an available solution to speed up construction and provide increased quality control for above grade walls for decades. But, newer solutions are bringing panelized construction to basements and crawlspaces. Epitome Foundation Composite Panels, manufactured … Read More

Is New Always Better?

It’s NEW! IMPROVED! LIFE-CHANGING! … really!? Published August 31, 2023Switching Gears We were going to do a piece on new technologies and materials for this newsletter, but we decided instead to say a little bit about how we view and evaluate such things. Good HERS® Raters, like good builders, are always on the lookout for new products. We come at this from … Read More

The 2021 IECC in Colorado

One Code with Many Different Adoptions

One of the challenges of building in a “home rule” state is that each independent jurisdiction has the authority to amend any portion of the ICC building code to meet its goals. Published June 22, 2023Know Your Jurisdiction’s ModificationsMany jurisdictions have completed the transition to the 2021 IECC (International Energy Conversation Code), and many more will have it implemented by the … Read More

Opportunities to Reduce Water Consumption in New Construction Homes

5 Tips to Save Water

With rising water costs, more prevalent and longer droughts, and lack of access to water as a limiter to growth water conservation is a key topic for Colorado.Published June 21, 2023Take the First Step on Your Water Conservation JourneyBelow are 5 steps that any home builder can take to reduce water consumption in new homes across Front Range Colorado. 1. Install … Read More

Water and the West

Wading into Water Conservation

To comprehensively address water conservation challenges in the American West, a multi-faceted approach is crucial. Published June 21, 2023What Role Will Builders & Developers Play?Builders and developers are a key part of the water conservation solution. There are myriad programs at both the Federal and local level that can be leveraged to have a positive impact. These programs typically include … Read More

Who Gets the 45L Tax Credit?

The IRS sheds light on the confusion over which party is eligible to receive the 45L Tax Credit.Published March 31, 2023The IRS Has SpokenA key part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act for homebuilders is the revamp and extension of the 45L Tax credit to include up to $5000 in tax credits per home. One key question the team at … Read More

Rebuilding to a New Standard

ENERGY STAR NextGen Program Launching at Marshall Fire RebuildPublished March 31, 2023Out of the AshesIn the wake of the Marshall Fire disaster, the next generation of homes is being built by contractors and homeowners with the expertise and mettle to tackle new challenges. Housing is moving towards lower carbon methods and materials, and the elimination of natural gas in homes … Read More

ESG & Carbon Accounting for Builders

In 500 words or less, here is what ESG Reporting is and why you might want to make a report of your own.Published March 28, 2023Get the FactsEnvironmental Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting and Carbon Accounting are new opportunities and sometimes requirements coming to the home building industry. Unfortunately, both of these initiatives have some negative connotations and political associations … Read More