EnergyLogic Partners Share Commitment to Building Better

From multi-million dollar slopeside houses and retirement living facilities to affordable housing, our partners are leading the way in energy-efficient, sustainable building.Published January 30, 2024Equipping Our PartnersEnergyLogic provides services for numerous projects across Colorado that run the gamut of meeting the basic energy building codes to consulting on hyper-efficient and sustainable buildings. Our team offers expertise and services in most … Read More

Get Paid for High-Efficiency Toilets

High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program

Energy Logic is excited to partner with Colorado Springs Utilities to assist in their new construction HET (high-efficiency toilet) rebate program.  Published January 29, 2024High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) Rebate ProgramEfficient homes not only help customers save on utility bills but also contribute to reducing our community’s overall energy use. Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) has taken a significant step in promoting high-efficiency homes … Read More

RESNET® Carbon Rating Index

RESNET Carbon Rating Index

RESNET introduces a carbon rating index for assessing operational carbon emissions in residential construction.Published January 29, 2024Collaboration Is KeyAs part of RESNET’s ongoing efforts to help drive new home construction to net zero energy homes, RESNET has developed the CO2e Rating Index along with support and cooperation from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), … Read More

Steve Byers Joins ANSI Standard Development Committee 1600

RESNET® has begun developing an ANSI candidate standard for calculating C02e emissions based on metered data for ratings.Published January 23, 2024Thought LeadershipWe are proud to announce that EnergyLogic CEO Steve Byers has accepted the invitation to serve on the Standard Development Committee (SDC) 1600. The SDC 1600 will play a crucial role in the development of a standard focused on … Read More

RaterFest 2023 Brings the Best of the Best to the Rockies

Energy raters and experts from across the country gather for EnergyLogic’s annual unconference.Published October 30, 2023Energy Geeks Unite! Like many professions, HERS Raters and RFIs have continuing education requirements. To take care of our requirements for all of our people, we annually have what we call RaterFest. Yes, we are geeks. It is a very efficient way to handle the situation. … Read More

Houses that Care for People and the Planet

Habitat for Humanity is committed to building homes that people can afford to live in comfortably.Published October 30, 2023Pushing the Envelope in Energy-EfficiencyHabitat for Humanity is best known for helping people who may never have a chance to own a home realize this dream. People may not know that this organization is often at the forefront of the latest building … Read More

What Money Is Out There?

Rebates and tax credits help offset the high cost of sustainable home-building.Published October 30, 2023Cashing in on SustainabilityBuilding a more energy-efficient or sustainable home typically costs more money. How much more depends on what level of energy efficiency a project is looking to Shattain and how early in the design process energy efficiency goals were discussed. To promote sustainable construction … Read More

Improvements and Updates to our Energy Design Consulting Team

EnergyLogic’s EDC Team helps partners navigate codes, rebates, and more.Published October 30, 2023Don’t Go It AloneAs many of our builder partners are experiencing, energy codes, programs, and tax credits are becoming more complex. Keeping track of the changes to codes and programs is nearly impossible for a builder who must deal with many other building requirements and challenges. The importance … Read More

Exceeding Industry Standards

Builders Exceeding Industry Standards

EnergyLogic highlights our building partners with projects that go above and beyond.Published August 31, 2023Geeking OutThe team members at EnergyLogic are proud to be “energy geeks” who get excited to be involved in projects that go above and beyond essential energy code compliance. We love seeing low blower door numbers, cool new technology in heat pumps and water heaters, and … Read More

Reducing Builder Risk

Reducing Builder Risk with EnergyLogic

EnergyLogic is Expanding Third Party Builder Risk Management Services Published August 31, 2023Avoid Unnecessary Claims and Costly Litigation New home construction is hard enough with increasing costs, rising interest rates, and decreasing trade capacities. EnergyLogic wants to be part of your solution to reduce warranty claims and decrease risk through our Third-Party Builder Risk Management Services. Construction defect litigation is an unfortunate … Read More