Adrian Calderon

Adrian Calderon - The EnergyLogic Team

Adrian Calderon, Energy Rater at EnergyLogic since 2018. I love seeing the process it takes to build homes. I’m studying to be an architect.

Jennifer Snarr

Jennifer Snarr - The EnergyLogic Team

Jennifer Snarr, Software Developer with EnergyLogic since 2015. My favorite thing about my job is that I get to bring ideas to life.

Jackson Hindman

Jackson Hindman - The EnergyLogic Team

Jackson Hindman, Information & Intelligence Support with EnergyLogic since 2018. I love our group’s creativity when we problem-solve for new DASH features.

Kathleen Henning

Kathleen Henning - The EnergyLogic Team

Kathleen Henning, Information, Intelligence, & Insight Director with EnergyLogic since 2006. I love the work I do, from deep thinking to helping customers.

Landie Ortiz

Landie Ortiz - The EnergyLogic Team

Landie Ortiz, Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2020. I help maximize efficiency in the field by helping carry equipment and taking measurements.