Glenn Pease

Glenn Pease - The EnergyLogic Team

I met Steve, Robby, and Scott Doyle at a RESNET® Conference and immediately was drawn to their passion of building a better “mousetrap”. Scott shared EnergyLogic’s work on a SketchUp tool that I’m still amazed by today.

Jordi Kimbrough

Jordi Kimbrough - The EnergyLogic Team

Energy Professional Services Senior Division Coordinator With EnergyLogic since January 2016 What core value is your favorite? For me, the “Building a Better Mousetrap” core value is unique as it illuminates the responsibility for all of us to continue to improve the work we perform. By challenging each of us to go beyond just completing our assigned tasks and seeking … Read More

Kathleen Henning

Kathleen Henning - The EnergyLogic Team

I’m responsible for keeping the software efforts on track, design, budgeting, planning, project management, etc. I have an external customer piece of my job that involves marketing our products, software demos, and customer support. The internal piece of my job requires keeping the projects moving forward, organizing and managing all of the moving parts, and triaging issues to make our … Read More