Zach Kimbrough

Zach Kimbrough - The EnergyLogic Team

A perfect Saturday starts off quite lazy. I roll out of bed whenever my body says so, grab a glass of water, a cup of coffee, and read. Typically non-fiction on whatever topic I’m currently obsessing about. Then I move on to political commentary, to get the blood pumping. From there I start cutting veggies and prepping a roast for … Read More

Kathleen Henning

Kathleen Henning - The EnergyLogic Team

I’m responsible for keeping the software efforts on track, design, budgeting, planning, project management, etc. I have an external customer piece of my job that involves marketing our products, software demos, and customer support. The internal piece of my job requires keeping the projects moving forward, organizing and managing all of the moving parts, and triaging issues to make our … Read More