EnergyLogic Design Consulting

EnergyLogic Design Consulting

EnergyLogic Services for Builders- Single Family - Available
EnergyLogic Services for Builders - Multi-Family - Single Family - Not Available
EnergyLogic Services for Builders - Commercial - Single Family - Not Available

Robust Energy Efficiency Sustainability Design Consulting

Dedicated professionals with extensive experience and a passion for problem-solving!

Assessing project plans for compliance with the broad range of desired outcomes takes more than basic plan analysis skills. Our team brings deep experience and a desire to help each of our partners achieve their project objectives. There are myriad ways to model a project, whether the goal is code compliance or above-code program targets. Our team excels at not just answering your questions but thinking about the “what if’s” that lead to true problem-solving.  

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Plans & Modeling Specialists

Our team of plan specialists has decades of experience modeling every type of residential project. From basic single-family structures to complex multi-family projects, we’ve done it all. 

Our process considers your project goals while looking for opportunities to optimize design along the way. Ever-changing code and above-code programs demand that analysts are up to speed on the lay of the land.

We work with project teams, subcontractors, and code officials to find the best path for every project.  


Real World Verification

The EnergyLogic HVAC Design team is dedicated to designing systems that recognize the need to balance performance and the “real world. 

Many designers work with a “template” mindset, or a “one size fits all” approach. That neither recognizes the reality of design installation or the need to design as close to optimal performance as possible, our team will work with you to identify critical areas where designs should not be compromised while working with installers to get the job done.  

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Subject-Matter Expertise

EnergyLogic Design Consulting (EDC) is built to tackle tough design, building science, and compliance issues.

Our cross-disciplinary team can address virtually any issue, from energy efficiency to indoor air quality. We pull from our integrated talent across EnergyLogic to bring in data science expertise, regional-specific expertise, and code expertise to address concerns as needed.

EDC has worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects to meet and exceed objectives. We are here to help!  

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