Built-In Savings Guaranty™


The simplest energy guaranty, covering ALL energy bills for two years.

EnergyLogic Services for Builders- Single Family - Available
EnergyLogic Services for Builders - Multi-Family - Single Family - Not Available
EnergyLogic Services for Builders - Commercial - Single Family - Not Available

Set your homes apart with the Built-In Savings Guaranty!



Most guaranties only cover heating & cooling - only about 1/2 of the home’s energy use!

We cover:
Heating, cooling, lighting, appliances, and hot water heating.



Adding the Built-In Savings Guaranty does not extend your construction timeline.

We calculate the guaranty based on information already gathered during the HERS® inspection.



Unlike other guaranties, we make it easy to submit claims & get rebates.

The process:
1. Homeowner submits claim
2. We verify the claim’s accuracy and send the homeowner a check!

Don't just build efficient homes... guaranty them with the Built-In Savings Guaranty!

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Guaranteed by the Best

The Built-In Savings Guaranty is exclusively offered by EnergyPro Exchange (EPX) members.

EPX members specialize in partnering with builders to construct energy efficient homes and reduce risk exposure.

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