QA GenieLite

What can immediately improve your ratings before you even submit them?

The Genie!


Whether you’re a rater, provider, or a QAD, any tool that can reduce errors and improve your effectiveness is a powerful tool. Yet, such a tool must be affordable, easy to use and actually help you save time and money.

QA GenieLite is that tool.

To err is human (to catch errors is divine)
There are a wide variety of reasons why errors occur and will continue to occur. “Fat finger” errors are common and are easy to fix. Some other errors are more complex: lack of understanding, confusion and just plain sloppy work. Let QA GenieLite catch those mistakes for you.

Only good surprises come from Genies
Quality assurance is not a “set it and forget it” activity. It takes continual oversight, much like the work we do for our builders and clients. QA GenieLite was built to uncover mistakes, turning what could be a bad surprise into a good surprise, making it possible for you to submit quality ratings to RESNET®.

Sleeping a little better at night just got easier
Add credibility to your work, submit your highest quality ratings to RESNET and focus on improvement with QA GenieLite.

Use the tool that sets the standard – Only $1.50 per rating!
No contract locking you into a monthly amount! No minimum volume! Just $1.50 per rating. Expect to process more than 4,000 ratings in a year? Large volume pricing is available! Contact us below for a custom quote!


Want a sneak peak of what the QA GenieLite interface looks like?

QA GenieLite™ from a QAD's Perspective

Less is more with QA GenieLite.

  • Identification of problems – more free time, less back-and-forth to resolve issues
  • Proactive solution – less delay in reviewing ratings before submitting for QA
  • Peace of mind – detection of costly mistakes, more happy clients
  • Happier QADs – less worrying about ‘fat finger’ mistakes, more accuracy
  • Pay-per-rating – no long-term contracts, no set-up, no monthly fees, less hassle
  • Improved effectiveness – target improvement opportunities, less speculating

QA GenieLite is cloud-based or can be integrated with EnergyLogic’s DASH℠ software.

A QAD's take on QA GenieLite

A Quality Assurance Manager talks about how QA GenieLite has improved their QA process.

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