Heat Pump Summit & Housing Innovation Alliance Summit Insights

Innovation Insights

Balancing Innovation and Operational Excellence in Today’s Changing IndustryPublished June 27, 2024Heat Pump SummitIt’s clear that as our industry evolves rapidly, there are still things that must be done to ensure optimal performance that have nothing to do with exciting new technologies.Heat Pump Water HeatersA portion of the Heat Pump Summit was dedicated to Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs). Here … Read More

Options for Solar Exemptions in Denver

Solar Solutions

Denver’s new energy code aims for residential electrification to meet 2030 climate goals, posing challenges in solar installation compliance. Published May 16, 2024Challenges and Opportunities Denver recently enacted a new energy code for all new residential construction. The jurisdiction is pushing hard for electrification, which is critical to meeting our 2030 climate goals. The city is now at the forefront of energy … Read More

EnergyLogic Partners Share Commitment to Building Better

From multi-million dollar slopeside houses and retirement living facilities to affordable housing, our partners are leading the way in energy-efficient, sustainable building.Published January 30, 2024Equipping Our PartnersEnergyLogic provides services for numerous projects across Colorado that run the gamut of meeting the basic energy building codes to consulting on hyper-efficient and sustainable buildings. Our team offers expertise and services in most … Read More

RESNET® Carbon Rating Index

RESNET Carbon Rating Index

RESNET introduces a carbon rating index for assessing operational carbon emissions in residential construction.Published January 29, 2024Collaboration Is KeyAs part of RESNET’s ongoing efforts to help drive new home construction to net zero energy homes, RESNET has developed the CO2e Rating Index along with support and cooperation from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), … Read More

RaterFest 2023 Brings the Best of the Best to the Rockies

Energy raters and experts from across the country gather for EnergyLogic’s annual unconference.Published October 30, 2023Energy Geeks Unite! Like many professions, HERS Raters and RFIs have continuing education requirements. To take care of our requirements for all of our people, we annually have what we call RaterFest. Yes, we are geeks. It is a very efficient way to handle the situation. … Read More

Panelized Construction Moves Into New Territory

New materials and methods make high performance construction easier and more cost effective for builders. Published August 31, 2023An Old Dog with New Tricks Panelized construction has been an available solution to speed up construction and provide increased quality control for above grade walls for decades. But, newer solutions are bringing panelized construction to basements and crawlspaces. Epitome Foundation Composite Panels, manufactured … Read More

Is New Always Better?

It’s NEW! IMPROVED! LIFE-CHANGING! … really!? Published August 31, 2023Switching Gears We were going to do a piece on new technologies and materials for this newsletter, but we decided instead to say a little bit about how we view and evaluate such things. Good HERS® Raters, like good builders, are always on the lookout for new products. We come at this from … Read More

Introducing Our New Energy Compliance & Building Science Experts

EnergyLogic has added Field Operations Area Managers for Improved Quality and Consistency.Published January 31, 2023Leading the WayEnergyLogic inspects over 5000 houses per year, verifying numerous codes and programs. With each jurisdiction adopting and amending different energy codes combined with tracking ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS, Zero Energy Ready, detached, attached, prescriptive, performance, etc., it can be overwhelming to keep them all … Read More

An Energy Recovery Ventilation System for the Win

Zehnder ERV

A Fort Collins remodel utilizes a Zehnder Energy Recovery Ventilation system that helps everyone breathe easier.Published September 12, 2022Written by Cody Farmer, Mainstream Corporation, and ERV Commissioning Trainee Trevor Donnelly, EnergyLogicDoing the Right Thing for Your Tenants and the PlanetWhen Paul Crosby was fixing up a dilapidated bungalow in Fort Collins, CO, he decided to educate himself about which improvements … Read More

Switching to All Electric

Switching to All Electric

The building industry is gearing up to do its part to help the U.S. reach net zero emissions by 2050.Published September 9, 2022Major Shifts on the WayIn 2021, the United States submitted a commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Meeting this lofty goal will affect every sector of the … Read More