Johanna Cabrera

Johanna Cabrera - The EnergyLogic Team

Business Development Coordinator

With EnergyLogic since November 2018

What made you want to work at EnergyLogic?

EnergyLogic has a great reputation as a "difference maker" in our community. The people who work here are known for their kindness, generosity, love of work, and love of dogs! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

What core value resonates with you the most and why?

I think Do the Right Thing is the core value that resonates the most with me. I think it's the keystone of them all. When you're doing the right thing, all the other core values fall into place. To me, doing the right thing means you're doing what's best for your team (All for one), you're looking for ways to improve your process (Building a better mousetrap), you're always doing your best best, (Chasing perfection), and you're always up for the next challenge (Energy!). Although, sometimes making sure you're up for the next challenge also requires multiple cups of coffee. But luckily, that's EL's secret core value F (Fill your coffee cup!)

Johanna Cabrera - The EnergyLogic Team

Where and what did you study?

I received my degree in English with a minor in Literature from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina. It's just west of Asheville, NC and just north of Atlanta, GA. The first time I visited I was amazed at how beautiful the mountains were. But I told my parents that I was concerned there was a large fire burning in them. Then my parents reminded me that we were in the "Smokey" Mountains. Aha! Crisis averted.

Where have you lived?

I grew up moving around a lot. Most people ask if my parents were in the military. They were not. But I think they possessed the EnergyLogic core value of Energy! and were always up for the next adventure. That ended up taking us all over the country and beyond: Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Wyoming, Scotland, North Carolina, Colorado, Massachusetts, and back to Colorado.

What makes up your family?

I'm convinced that I have the greatest family of all time. My husband Jose is our social director and keeps us all entertained. We have three girls: Stella, Marie and Lydia who also keep us entertained, but usually it's unintentional. We have a dog named Apollo De La Paz (aka Apollo) and two fish named Andrew Luck (aka Lucky) and The Algae Eater (we went through so many of these that we had to stop naming them). My brother and sister and their families also live in Northern Colorado so we get together frequently for intense games of Corn Hole and full-contact Name That Tune (we're a wee bit competitive.)

Johanna Cabrera and family at Huntington Beach
Johanna Cabrera in Malta
Johanna Cabrera's daughters at Ouray Falls