Josh Schaffer

Josh Schaffer - The EnergyLogic Team

HVAC Design Specialist

With EnergyLogic since January 2020

What passions, talents, or interests do you bring to your position at EL?

I love nature and getting to work towards a world that’s more in harmony with it everyday.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

The mountain views! They still stop me in my tracks, every time.

Do you have a favorite core value? If so, why?

A - All for one! At the end of the day, nobody gets the job done without a ton of support from each other, from the teams that design our software to our logistics experts.

What made you want to work at EnergyLogic?

EnergyLogic's work culture. As I see it, the job market is less and less about the human element. It's refreshing that EnergyLogic takes a people first approach.
Nathan Kahre - The EnergyLogic Team

Where/what did you study in school?

I studied welding at Knights School of Welding in Louisville, KY, specifically MIG and Fluxcore.

Who makes up your family?

My wife Veronica and I have 5 kids. They are Seth, Reuben, Darren, Evelyn, and Torstein. We have two dogs, Rocky and Bug, a pet rabbit named Marshmallow, and we keep chickens.

How would you spend your perfect Saturday?

Hike with my wife all day and board games at home with my kids that night.

Anything else you want people to know about you?

I love riding motorcycles and making people laugh!