Peter Oberhammer

Peter Oberhammer - The EnergyLogic Team

Senior Code Analyst

With EnergyLogic since May 2007

What excites you about working at EnergyLogic?

The relationships I have built over the years with clients and fellow logicians.

What made you want to work at EnergyLogic?

I worked for an HVAC company and began to see more and more communication between my company and EnergyLogic. I heard great things about the company and the people that worked there and here I am more than 11 years later.

What does a Senior Plans Specialist do?

My primary duty as a Plans Specialist is to make the permitting process as seamless as possible for our builder partners. Another important role is to insure that our field raters have everything they need in order to complete their job.

Peter Oberhammer - The EnergyLogic Team

People may be surprised to know that...

I am a first generation American. My father was raised in Salzburg, Austria.

What currently tops your bucket list?

Currently my bucket list is topped with a desire to show my children where I grew up in Connecticut.

What and where did you study?

I went to Colorado State University and majored in History - with an Asian Studies emphasis.

What makes up your family?

I am married to Kristy and my children are Macie, Alec, and Julia. Our family also includes a dog and cat.