Shalena Davis

Shalena Davis - The EnergyLogic Team

Energy Modeling Specialist 

With EnergyLogic since August 2020

What excites you about working at EnergyLogic?

Helping families build more efficient, and in turn, sustainable homes.

Do you have a favorite core value? If so, why?

While all of the core values play an important role, I especially appreciate "D - Do the right thing".

I believe this core value can really show a person's character when either the recognition isn't available and you still decide to go above and beyond, or when presented with the opportunity to avoid repercussions and you still own up to and correct your mistakes.

What tops your current bucket list?

Working my way up to a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.
Shalena Davis - The EnergyLogic Team

Who makes up your family?

My good friends sprinkled between Colorado and Kentucky, as well as my father, sister, and, of course, my cats.

How would you spend your perfect Saturday?

Hiking out to a wild hot spring and enjoying the serenity and solitude.
Shalena Davis' cats
Shalena Davis with friends
Photo from one of Shalena Davis' hiking adventures