Stephen Turnbo

Stephen Turnbo

Field Operations Area Manager

With EnergyLogic since October 2018

What passions, talents, or interests do you bring to your position at EL?

I love being a part of a team and helping people. I also have almost 7 years of experience in insulation, so that comes in handy in this job.

How would you describe your job?

My job at EnergyLogic is the most flexible job I’ve ever had. It involves a lot of traveling around the city on a daily basis which is nice. It can be mentally challenging at times, but I believe that that’s necessary for personal growth.

What core value resonates with you most & why?

I like all of them! I especially dig “All for One”. I’m a believer in teamwork - it takes people working together to make a great company.

Steve Turnbo - The EnergyLogic Team

What made you want to work at EnergyLogic?

I heard nothing but great things from a couple of current employees. This job is a lot less physically demanding than my previous jobs. Plus, working at EnergyLogic helps my freeing up more time to spend with my family.

Do you have any surprising hobbies?

I like to sing (mostly when no one is around).

Who makes up your family?

I have a wife and two kids. A boy (oldest) and a girl.