ENERGY STAR® Revision 9

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Work Smarter Not Harder - Time is Running Out

Compliance requirements got you feeling all bogged down? ENERGY STAR® feels your pain and has come to the rescue with the new Revision 9 checklist and documents!

ENERGY STAR Revision 9

Intended to CLARIFY, SIMPLIFY, and Create Greater EFFICIENCY

We want to ensure that all of our ENERGY STAR partners are taking advantage of the new Revision 9 checklists and documents, and time is running out to get on board. Per ENERGY STAR compliance requirements, any home permitted after January 1st, 2019 must comply with all Revision 9 programmatic changes. This includes using the correct Revision 9 checklists.

We encourage our builder partners to share the National HVAC Design Report and HVAC Commissioning Checklist with their and Field Superintendents and HVAC Contractors to help keep everyone on the same page.

Revision 9 Highlights

HVAC Checklist 

  • Item 4.2.3: Increased tolerance for Conditioned Floor Area used in HVAC Design Report
  • Item 4.2.4: Increased tolerance for window area used in HVAC Design Report

Rater Field Checklist

  • Item 6.2: Low-end limit for bedroom pressure differential, test configuration, and other strategies for meeting pressure limit
  • Item 6.4 and Footnote 41: Clarification of units for duct leakage tolerance
  • Item 7.7.2: Air inlet distance from dryer exhaust
  • Updated footnote references

HVAC Design Report

  • Item 3.3 and Footnote 12: Design temperate limits added for US Territories
  • Item 4.5: Alternative document to AHRI Reference #
  • Item 4.21: Increased sizing allowance for furnaces paired with cooling
  • Footnote 2: Increased tolerance for window area

Recent Posts

  • Denver housing permits didn’t “pop” as we might have hoped to start the favorable spring construction season, as the City approved just 764 single-family permits in March, little changed when compared to the first two months of the year. This means the permit total is down 27.5% year-over-year (from 1,054 in March 2018).

  • To earn our Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence award, we verified 1,825 ENERGY STAR homes, inspected 6,492 homes for other standards, and much more!

  • Denver single-family permits are trending down, totaling 1,024 in August and 858 in September. However, despite underperforming the forecast, the decline appears to be seasonal, with the permit totals little changed from one year ago (1,007 in 08-2017 and 902 in 09-2017).

National Version 3 Revision 9 documents can be found in the right panel menu titled "Mandatory Measurements".

View the complete list of Version 3 / 3.1 Revisions here. 

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