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ENERGY STAR NextGen Program Launching at Marshall Fire Rebuild

Published March 31, 2023

Out of the Ashes

In the wake of the Marshall Fire disaster, the next generation of homes is being built by contractors and homeowners with the expertise and mettle to tackle new challenges. Housing is moving towards lower carbon methods and materials, and the elimination of natural gas in homes is one of the primary goals for reduced carbon emissions.  To support that endeavor, ENERGY STAR is developing its ENERGY STAR NextGen program.  Houses certified under the NextGen program will:

 Meet the challenge of climate change will require that the new homes and apartments that we build are both highly efficient and incorporate advanced, efficient electric technologies and electric vehicle charging capabilities. ENERGY STAR NextGen certification is an additional, optional level of recognition for homes and apartments that go above and beyond the core ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program requirements. The program’s requirements are designed to work together to deliver significant energy and emission savings that will help build a clean energy future, along with the comfort, quality, and durability that homeowners and residents have come to expect from their ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments.

Early Adoptors

While the NextGen program has not been officially launched, Xcel Energy and the State of Colorado are offering substantial rebates to homeowners that rebuild to the standards of the program.  The program requires: 

  • Highly energy-efficient construction 
  • Multi-speed ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump 
  • ENERGY STAR heat pump water heater 
  • Electric Cooktop and Oven 
  • Electric vehicle charging capability. 

A Proud Partner

EnergyLogic is excited and proud to work with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, Cooper Building Group, Copper Homes, Diverge Homes, Frameworks Timber, GJ Gardner, Harper Lake Homebuilders, Homebound, Sheffield Homes, Sopris Homes and their homeowners who are committed to building better homes with a reduced impact on the environment. 

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Rusty Buick

Rusty Buick

Rusty Buick is EnergyLogic's Director of Business Development. As a former general contractor specializing in high-performing homes, Rusty loves helping builders appreciate the value of building high-performing, energy-efficient homes for their clients and for future generations. Learn more about Rusty!

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