Reducing Builder Risk

Reducing Builder Risk with EnergyLogic

EnergyLogic is Expanding Third Party Builder Risk Management Services 

Reducing Builder Risk with EnergyLogic
Published August 31, 2023

Avoid Unnecessary Claims and Costly Litigation 

New home construction is hard enough with increasing costs, rising interest rates, and decreasing trade capacities. EnergyLogic wants to be part of your solution to reduce warranty claims and decrease risk through our Third-Party Builder Risk Management Services. Construction defect litigation is an unfortunate part of building in Colorado, and EnergyLogic’s team of applied building scientists, HERS® Raters, and inspectors are prepared to help builders decrease defects and fight back against future litigation. EnergyLogic’s team of highly developed inspectors with detailed knowledge of building science, manufacturer requirements, and code requirements are uniquely qualified to deliver on the goals of data driven quality assurance, detailed reporting, and continuous improvement.

Expert Guidance is the Key

EnergyLogic provides a highly customizable program to meet the needs of the builder, providing observations and reporting on the following areas:   

  • Foundation Dampproofing  
  • Drainage Plane and Building Dry-In  
  • Lath and Bond Break for Masonry Finishes  
  • Exterior Siding and Finishes  
  • Landscaping & Grading  
  • MEP Protection & Support  
  • Final Finishes  

Services can be tailored to observe specific parts of the home or on the entirety of the building based on general liability insurance, wrap program, or builder needs.

Please reach out to Rusty Buick to learn more about EnergyLogic’s Builder Risk services and opportunities for your next project.   

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