Steve Byers Joins ANSI Standard Development Committee 1600

RESNET® has begun developing an ANSI candidate standard for calculating C02e emissions based on metered data for ratings.

Published January 23, 2024

Thought Leadership

We are proud to announce that EnergyLogic CEO Steve Byers has accepted the invitation to serve on the Standard Development Committee (SDC) 1600. The SDC 1600 will play a crucial role in the development of a standard focused on providing a consistent methodology for using long-run marginal emission rates in the calculation of CO2e emissions.

Purpose of the Standard

The primary goal of this standard is to establish a consistent methodology for utilizing long run marginal emission rates by Cambium generation and emission assessment (GEA) region. The standard outlines provisions on how to estimate CO2e emissions from measured data on electricity and fuel consumption within a facility or organization. It aims to facilitate compliance with emission disclosure standards and supports the reduction of emissions over time through the implementation of an Energy Management System.

Need for Standardization

Developing standardized methods for assessing emissions embodied in building construction materials is a critical aspect of this initiative. The current methods are deemed inadequate, leading to significant overestimation of emissions, especially in electrical manufacturing processes. The establishment of standards for calculating embodied carbon in construction materials is essential for fair and equitable assessments.

Role of SDC 1600

The SDC 1600 will serve as the consensus body overseeing the drafting of the standard. Additionally, it will facilitate the RESNET® ANSI standard development public review and comment process in accordance with the RESNET® ANSI Standards Development Policy and Procedures. For detailed information on the policy and procedures, please refer to RESNET® ANSI Standards Development Policy and Procedures.

Steve's expertise and commitment are a perfect fit to contribute to the success of this standard development process.

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