Eric Fraire

Rating Field InspectorWith EnergyLogic since January 2022What passions, talents, or interests do you bring to your position at EL?I love creating art and always have since I was very young. With being an artist you have to have a very detailed view on areas which I think helps me catch certain mistakes made in homes.What excites you about working at … Read More

Austin Van Heusen

Austin Van Heusen - The EnergyLogic Team

Austin Van Heusen, EnergyLogic Energy Efficiency Specialist since 2021. I am very passionate about energy efficiency. The technology behind it continues to change and grow.

John Bendon

John Bendon, Founder of Green Building Hawaii & Senior Business Development Manager with EnergyLogic since March 2021. I love making a positive impact.

Angel Chavez

Angel Chavez - The EnergyLogic Team

Angel Chavez, EnergyLogic Rating Field Inspector since 2021. Opportunities like these don’t come very often. I am glad I was able to join the team!

Emmet Pike

Emmet Pike

Energy RaterWith EnergyLogic since January 2022What made you want to work at EnergyLogicI wanted to play a bigger role in creating a sustainable future. EnergyLogic allows me to do so by helping homebuilders build a better, more sustainable home.What is your favorite thing about your job?My favorite thing about my job is being able to help homebuilders build better homes. … Read More

Rob Alcenius

Rob Alcenius

Multi-Family & Commercial Program ManagerWith EnergyLogic since September 2021What is your favorite thing about your job?Building better houses is good for the home owner and good for the environment, it’s a win-win.What core value resonates with you the most and why?Chase Perfection. Nobody can ever be perfect, but if we strive for it we will continually come out better than … Read More

Marco Fraire

Marco Fraire - The EnergyLogic Team

Marco Fraire, Rating Field Inspector with EnergyLogic since 2021. I’m passionate about working on new homes and find the structure and layouts fascinating!

Andy Mazal

Andy Mazal - The EnergyLogic Team

Andy Mazal, EnergyLogic Design Consulting Manager since 2020. On any given day I get to interact with different people, projects, and situations. It keeps things exciting!

Sage Calamari

Sage Calamari - The EnergyLogic Team

Sage Calamari, EDC Division Coordinator with EnergyLogic since 2020. I get to learn about the cutting-edge technologies used to create healthier homes.

Keegan Miulli

Keegan Miulli - The EnergyLogic Team

Keegan Miulli, Rating Field Inspector with EnergyLogic since 2020. I wanted to work for a company that is focused on pursuing sustainability.