Ryan Gilbert

Ryan Gilbert - The EnergyLogic Team

Ryan Gilbert, Business Development Associate with EnergyLogic since 2020. I want to help raise the standards of energy efficiency in homes.

Josh Schaffer

Josh Schaffer - The EnergyLogic Team

Josh Schaffer, Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2020. I’m passionate about nature and working towards a world that’s more in harmony with it every day!

Nathan Kahre

Nathan Kahre - The EnergyLogic Team

Nathan Kahre, Business Development Manager with EnergyLogic since 2019. I’m a “builder translator,” facilitating communication between raters & builders.

Stephen Turnbo

Stephen Turnbo

Stephen Turnbo, Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2018. I love helping people, and my 7 years of experience in insulation also comes in handy in this job.

Amber Scofield

Amber Scofield's headshot - The EnergyLogic Team

Amber Scofield, Billing Coordinator with EnergyLogic since 2019. I wanted to work at EnergyLogic because it’s a great company with great people (and dogs)!

Sam Chaney

Sam Chaney - The EnergyLogic Team

Sam Chaney, Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2020. I love to “Build a better mousetrap.” It’s rewarding to think of new ways to do things!

Shalena Davis

Shalena Davis - The EnergyLogic Team

Shalena Davis, Rating Field Inspector with EnergyLogic since 2020. I get to help families build more efficient, and in turn, sustainable homes.

McKennon Piil

McKennon Piil

McKennon Piil, HVAC Design Specialist with EnergyLogic since 2021. I love designs with challenging layouts & the process of problem-solving & fixing plans.

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith, the EnergyLogic team

Christopher Smith, Quality Assurance & Training Specialist with EnergyLogic since August 2019. I love nerding out over the thermodynamics in energy inspections.

Adrian Calderon

Adrian Calderon - The EnergyLogic Team

Adrian Calderon, Energy Rater at EnergyLogic since 2018. I love seeing the process it takes to build homes. I’m studying to be an architect.