Steve Eagleburger

Steve Eagleburger - The EnergyLogic Team

Steve Eagleburger, Director of Field Services with EnergyLogic since 2010. I like that we are a model of personal, social & corporate responsibility.

Phil Drotar

Phil Drotar - The EnergyLogic Team

Phil Drotar, Business Development Manager with EnergyLogic since 2009. I enjoy the opportunity to make people’s lives better by improving their homes.

Trevor Donnelly

Trevor Donnelly - The EnergyLogic Team

Trevor Donnelly, Field Services Operations Manager with EnergyLogic since 2016. My work requires me to interpret Energy Code and diagnose and solve issues.

Suzy Bullett

Suzy Bullett - EnergyLogic Team

Suzy Bullett, Logistics & Customer Support with EnergyLogic since 2017. I like that people here will admit when a mistake is made and own it and fix it.

Rusty Buick

Rusty Buick - EnergyLogic Team

Rusty Buick, Director of Business Development with EnergyLogic since 2013. I love sharing the value of building high-performing, energy-efficient homes.

RJ Curtis

RJ Curtis - the EnergyLogic Team

RJ Curtis, Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2019. I’m excited to bring my influence, natural leadership ability, and drive to EnergyLogic.

Scott Bracken

Scott Bracken - The EnergyLogic Team

Scott Bracken, HVAC Specialist with EnergyLogic since 2019. It is important to me to work for a company that cares about the future of the planet.

Kai Lorenz

Energy RaterWith EnergyLogic since February 2022What excites you about working at EnergyLogic?So many things excite me about working at Energy Logic. I will just name two. First, the opportunity everyday to learn something new and grow professionally. Second, I am so excited for RaterFest and the RaterOlympics!What is your favorite thing about your job?I love that every day I can … Read More

Landie Ortiz

Landie Ortiz - The EnergyLogic Team

Landie Ortiz, Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2020. I help maximize efficiency in the field by helping carry equipment and taking measurements.

Kendall Kemp

Kendall Kemp - The EnergyLogic Team

Kendall Kemp, Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2020. I am passionate about the outdoors. I want to do my part to try and protect the places I love most.