Make Sure You Receive Our Emails – Add EnergyLogic’s IP to Your Safe Sender List

We Want You to Receive the Communication You Need!

In the current world of technology, it is becoming more and more common for emails to get caught up in the spam or junk email folders – often times preventing important emails from making it to your inbox.

There are many technical reasons why this may happen, but we’ll spare you the overwhelming ‘tech talk.’

This guide will help you add our email service provider (ESP) to your allowlist (also known as "whitelisting").

Please take this seriously, as we will be sending important messages regarding support and service through our third-party email service provider. We want all communication to make it to your inbox – which is why we are requesting that each of our partners follow the guide below.


What You Need to Do:

  • If you have an IT person, department, or company, who helps to administer your email settings, please send them the link to this page. Allowlisting is a very common practice and will be familiar to most IT professionals.


What is an Allowlist?

Email providers filter incoming emails in many ways.

An allow list (aka whitelist) is a list of IP addresses or senders (i.e. EnergyLogic) that you know are not sending spam emails.

Your IT team can add IP addresses to your allowlist to allow emails sent from known senders to always appear in your inbox. 

EnergyLogic's Email Service Provider IP Addresses

Below is a list of the IP addresses you will need to allow to ensure your emails from EnergyLogic are delivered to your inbox.

A combined list of all domains is available at the bottom of the table for convenience.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Combined List of All Above Domains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Instructions for Specific Email Providers

The allowlisting process differs between email providers. For information on allowlisting on your client of choice, refer to your email provider's associated help documentation. Please note, not all providers allow you to approve specific IP addresses.

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