Pros and Cons of Prescriptive and Performance Paths


The Pros and Cons of
Prescriptive and Performance Paths

Performance Path
(Requires inspections at rough and Final)



More thorough inspections that can identify potential problem areas before they become inaccessible

Initially costs more than the prescriptive path for energy compliance

Eligible for Federal 45L Builder Tax Credit ($2,000)

Requires modeling before permitting to ensure home can meet code requirements

Eligible for Xcel ENERGY STAR® New Homes (ESNH) rebate, Black Hills Energy rebate, and other utility provider rebates

More flexibility in selecting insulation and windows

Factors in efficient HVAC systems and appliances and renewable energy generation

Predicts yearly energy costs for homeowners

Generates RESNET HERS® score to calculate home performance, which is useful for sales and marketing

More items inspected

Required in some jurisdictions (Boulder and Boulder County)

Prescriptive Path
(Requires REScheck before permitting, Duct Testing on systems with ductwork outside of conditioned space, and Blower Door Test)



Initially cheaper than the performance path

Does not qualify for builder rebates

More straightforward compliance path

No RESNET HERS® Score generated

Fewer items inspected in house

Less flexibility when selecting insulation and windows

No insulation or air sealing inspection

"When a builder is truly focused on the quality and energy efficiency of every home they build, EnergyLogic's testing provides a critical objective measurement of whole-house performance, helping us to ensure performance and continue to refine our product."

- Charles Manly, Keller Homes

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