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We have the largest team of field experts in Colorado, with offices in Northern Colorado, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and beyond!

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Energy Code Compliance

Why us?
Experience with Colorado energy code since 2006.

Example Services:
Comprehensive building analysis
Phase inspections
Energy software modeling

Meet Energy Code


Why us?
We've certified more homes than any other Colorado providers.

Example Services:
Energy software modeling
Plans analysis
Multi-phase inspections
Program compliance

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Advanced Energy Certifications & Programs

Why us?
We've won market leader awards since 2009!

Example Programs:
Indoor airPLUS™
LEED® for Homes

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Third-Party Builder Risk

Why us?
We protect building professionals from costly construction mistakes and litigation risks.

Example Services:
Consistent Inspections
Timely Reporting
Actionable Data
Technical Guidance

Reduce Risk

Builder Rebates

Why us?
Our builders earn millions of dollars in rebates, every year!

Example Programs:
Xcel Energy®
Black Hills Energy
Colorado Springs Utilities

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HVAC Design & Services

Why us?
Cost-effective design & analysis services.

Example Services:
ACCA manual J, D, and S
Duct leakage testing
System functional testing
HVAC quality inspection

Optimize HVAC

EnergyLogic Design Consulting

Why us?
Our team of experienced problem-solvers tackle tough design, building science, and compliance issues.

Example Services:
Plans Anaysis & Modeling
HVAC Design Services
Subject-Matter Expertise

Innovate with EDC

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"When a builder is truly focused on the quality and energy efficiency of every home they build, EnergyLogic's testing provides a critical objective measurement of whole-house performance, helping us to ensure performance and continue to refine our product."

- Charles Manly, Keller Homes

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Service area for energy inspections & certifications

The Front Range, from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs.

Including, but not limited to:

Fort Collins
Castle Rock
Colorado Springs
and more!

Please Note: Our service area is subject to change. Please contact us about your job to determine if it is within our current service area. 

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