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Water Conservation Programs & Services

Commitment to being part of the solution and providing our clients with a differentiator!

Water is the lifeblood of every community, and EnergyLogic is committed to being a part of protecting and conserving one of our most critical resources. Through the vehicle of two distinct yet complimentary programs, we offer our builders and other stakeholders a way to demonstrate that their projects are part of the solution to our growing water problem. 

EnergyLogic field experts have undergone third-party certification training in WaterSense and HERSH2o to deliver these important programs to builders, developers and partners in water districts across Colorado.  


WaterSense labeled homes provides flexibility to builders while still meeting homebuyer expectations!

WaterSense is a program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). WaterSense certification gives homeowners confidence that their home is water conscious through a rigorous and continuously updated program. The program includes both indoor and outdoor water use and is delivered by trained professionals like EnergyLogic.

Homes must comply with the WaterSense specification and, upon doing so, are issued certification. WaterSense also gives everyone in the community; water districts, local governments, and real estate professionals the knowledge they need to plan around and transact WaterSense homes. 

EPA WaterSense Logo - transparent

Learn how many trillions of gallons of water were saved in the latest 2020 WaterSense Accomplishments Report!


A simple, easy to compare whole-house water efficiency rating system!

RESNET’s HERS H2O program does for water what the HERS Index did for energy efficiency. Homes can now be rated on a scale of 0-100+ for their water efficiency. As with the WaterSense program, HERSH2o includes both indoor and outdoor uses. The WaterSense program uses the HERSH2o Index as the backbone of its specification.

HERSH2o can only be delivered by trained and certified RESNET Home Energy Raters and Rating Field Inspectors, giving all stakeholders confidence that only trained professionals can provide certification. In addition, like HERS ratings, HERSH2o is covered by RESNET’s Quality Assurance process providing additional confidence in the program. The HERSH2o program was developed under a consensus development process with input from dozens of stakeholder groups.  


Check out this RESTalk Podcast on introducing the RESNET Water Efficiency Rating System (HERSH2o) with Mark Johnson (ICC) and Jacob Atalla (KB Home)!

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