HVAC Design & Services

HVAC Design & Services

EnergyLogic Services for Builders- Single Family - Available
EnergyLogic Services for Builders - Multi-Family - Single Family - Not Available
EnergyLogic Services for Builders - Commercial - Single Family - Not Available

Meet Code Compliance Requirements & Improve the Performance of the Homes You Build! 

Explore our comprehensive set of HVAC Design and Inspection Services. 

Most new homes today require HVAC loads and calculations, whereas homes built even a few years ago did not. EnergyLogic works with our clients to assess their needs and deliver cost-effective design and analysis services. We always look to include best practices wherever possible. 

Design & Analysis Services

All design and analysis performed in compliance with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) guidelines and compliant software to ensure a total system selection: 

  • ACCA Manual J – Load sizing. How big do systems need to be to satisfy the design requirements of a home or structure.  
  • ACCA Manual D – Duct design and calculations including standards and best practice issues.  
  • ACCA Manual S – Equipment selection for residential designs. Provides sizing guidance for different systems in different climates.  

HVAC Inspections

Our inspection services can be independent of HVAC Design services. They include but are not limited to the following:   

  • Duct Leakage Testing – our highly trained and certified technicians determine the duct leakage rate. Duct leakage is a critical aspect of home and comfort performance.  
  • System Functional Testing – a series of tests, based largely on ENERGY STAR® standards, for determining if a system is performing as designed.  
  • HVAC Quality Inspection – a straightforward visual inspection to determine if the installed system matches the design. This is often not the case. 

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