Introducing Our New Energy Compliance & Building Science Experts

EnergyLogic has added Field Operations Area Managers for Improved Quality and Consistency.Published January 31, 2023Leading the WayEnergyLogic inspects over 5000 houses per year, verifying numerous codes and programs. With each jurisdiction adopting and amending different energy codes combined with tracking ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS, Zero Energy Ready, detached, attached, prescriptive, performance, etc., it can be overwhelming to keep them all … Read More

Wrestling with Labor Constraints

The difficult labor market facing employers continues to plague the construction industry.Published September 13, 2022Unmasking the IssueIn my many discussions with business owners and managers from all facets of the construction industry, there is one current theme that we all share. It remains a difficult labor market for employers. While we’ve seen the issues with the supply chain start to … Read More

EnergyLogic Received Three Top Awards

EnergyLogic Receives 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award

We are proud to receive the 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award, the 2021 Best Individual Combo Home Rater Award, and the 2021 Best Individual Electric Only Rater Award.Published September 13, 2022Our MissionEnergyLogic is on a mission to meet our partners where they are and engage them in the journey of constructing the best possible buildings. This year, we are proud … Read More

RaterFest Is Back


EnergyLogic’s 12th annual “unconference” for energy professionals is back and better than ever!Published September 12, 2022It’s That Time of Year AgainForget about pumpkin spice. Energy professionals from around the world are gathering for craft beer in the scenic Colorado Rockies while collaborating with and learning from the best minds in the building industry.Bringing Together the BestEnergyLogic continues its commitment to … Read More