45L Federal Builder Tax Credit

45L Federal Tax Credit

Let EnergyLogic help you maximize your tax credit in 2021!

45L Federal Tax Credit
Published February 22, 2021

Finally, Some Good News in 2021

The $2,000 45L Federal Builder Tax Credit, which provides eligible contractors with a tax credit for each energy-efficient dwelling unit, was recently extended through December 31, 2021. Here's what that could mean for you.

How the 45L Federal Builder Tax Credit Works

To qualify for this $2,000 tax credit, the home must meet three requirements:

  1. The home must be certified by a third-party.
  2. The home must use 50% less energy than a 2006 IECC Reference Home.
  3. The home's building envelope improvements (insulation, windows, etc.) must account for 10% of the modeled improvements.

How EnergyLogic Can Help

EnergyLogic analyzes every unit we certify under the IECC performance path for compliance with the tax credit. (Currently, prescriptive path builders do not qualify for tax credit consideration.) We include the required certification documentation in every final compliance packet sent out to our building partners.    

We know it can be challenging and time-consuming for builders to collect and organize each tax credit certificate delivered throughout the year. That's why EnergyLogic has contracted with an approved software partner to provide every passed tax credit certificate.  Then we batch the certificates and offer them to our clients as a convenience for a small administrative fee. 

In 2020 EnergyLogic organized and distributed 1,337 certificates. 

Act Now to Maximize Your Tax Credit

With efforts to extend the tax credit beyond 2021, now is the time to investigate what it will take to increase the percentage of your homes that will qualify. EnergyLogic can perform an analysis to identify improvement paths to increase your homes' eligibility.

For further information, please email Rusty Buick.

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