The Best and Worst Things about Living with an Energy Pro

The best and worst things about living with an energy pro - April 2019 copy 2

Here it is, Your Energy Professional Top 10!

Homeowners want efficient homes

Hang out with an energy pro for any amount of time and you'll notice some... shall we say... quirks. 

Some are good, some bad, some pretty funny.  Here are some of our favorites.

Top 10 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to Live with an Energy Professional

  1. Consistent upgrades to new more efficient appliances without begging.
  2. They are easily excited by lower utility bills.
  3. You can always find a flashlight.
  4. Free booties!
  5. They’re smarter than a NEST Thermostat.
  6. Fun fish names, like Joyce-T and Captain Kneewall.
  7. Your furnace filters are changed as often as your underwear.
  8. You never run out of masking tape.
  9. You can affectionately call them the King of Caulk.
  10. Fun with infrared cameras!

Top 10 Reasons Why it’s Difficult to Live with an Energy Professional

  1. It’s always dark.
  2. It's hard to convince them that spray foam is not a design feature.
  3. They constantly point out  home design flaws… usually to no one in particular.
  4. They've been ruining dinner parties since 1992.
  5. They will break down a door to turn on the bathroom fan when someone is showering.
  6. Dirty blower door jokes. They get old quick.
  7. Your home has more meters, data loggers, and monitoring devices installed than an ICU patient.
  8. They annoyingly ask people what they pay in utilities.
  9. They cannot make simple decisions like “what’s for dinner” without extensive software modeling.
  10. They routinely yell at the kids, asking if they know the R value of a screen door

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