Beware of Sneaky Insulation Rulers!

Beware of sneaky insulation rulers

As we all know, insulating a house helps maintain year-round comfortable living spaces by maintaining inside temperatures and reducing energy costs.


The main purpose of insulation is to create a barrier for the house which reduces the amount of heat entering the home on a warm day, and reducing the amount of heat loss on a cold day. Since the majority of heat is lost or gained through the roof and the exposed walls, these areas are the most fundamental places to insulate in order to create a comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Unfortunately, EnergyLogic has seen a few insulation jobs that are falling short. But diligence wins every time! Because our Raters are committed to excellence (“Chasing Perfection” is one of our core values.), they have taken the extra step when checking insulation to make sure the measurements they see are the measurements you get. 

Beware of insulation rulers that are incorrectly installed, misrepresenting the insulation depth!

Insulation ruler folded down to cheat the depth.
This insulation ruler is folded down beneath the insulation, representing inaccurate measurement (sneaky cheating)!

Insulation ruler folded down to cheat the depth.
This paper insulation ruler is folded down beneath the insulation. In comparison to the measuring tape, you can clearly see the variance between the result of 18 inches vs. 15 inches in depth. This is another example of sneaky cheating!

Insulation ruler folded down to cheat the depth.
By digging out the insulation at the base of the ruler, you can see that this ruler is flush with the surface (no sneakiness detected). An accurate insulation measurement can be verified with this quick step!

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