Building Our Team to Better Serve Our Partners

EnergyLogic is growing

EnergyLogic has hired in almost every department to meet the growing needs of an industry that's been stretched to its limit.

EnergyLogic is growing
Published July 6, 2022

Here for Our Partners

The entire nation is dealing with the lasting effects of a global pandemic. However, the building industry is feeling the pain of project delays, supply chain issues, and labor shortages acutely. EnergyLogic is no exception, but we are committed to doing our part to help meet the needs of our building and trade partners. 

EnergyLogic is Growing

Since January 2022, EnergyLogic has added 14 new hires company-wide to enable us to improve our response times and deliver better service across the board. Here are our newest Logicians:

Eric Fraire, Rating Field Inspector

Emmet Pike, Rating Field Inspector

DeQuarius Blair, Rating Field Inspector

Kai Lorenz, Rating Field Inspector

Rob Rankin, Rating Field Inspector

Mati Stamatiou, Energy Efficiency Specialist 

Sabrina Mitchell, Rating Field Inspector

Chris Mendes, Rating Field Inspector

Bradley Bilbo, Rating Field Inspector

Rebecca Rowley, Logistic & Customer Support

Aaron Bradshaw, Rating Field Inspector 

Ezra Murphy, Logistic & Customer Support 

Tanner Boatwright, Rating Field Inspector 

Michelle Madrid, Rating Field Inspector 

Thank You

EnergyLogic sincerely appreciates the patience of our partners while we ramped up our team. We know these have been trying times, and we are thankful for your continued trust and business.

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Steve Byers

Steve Byers

Steve Byers is EnergyLogic's CEO and co-founder. Read more about Steve here.

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