Colorado Marshall Fire Rebuilding

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Rebuilding after the devastating Marshall Fire presents interesting challenges and energy-saving opportunities.

Build Back Better Colorado Marshall Fire Rebuild Blog by EnergyLogic
Published April 4, 2022

Communities Affected by the Colorado Marshall Fire Show Their Resilience

On December 30, 2021, a grass fire that started near Marshall, Colorado, turned into one of the worst disasters in Colorado history.  Unbelievable high winds spread the fire into the suburban towns of Louisville and Superior and ultimately burned over 6,000 acres, destroyed 1,084 buildings, and caused over $500 billion in damages.   

EnergyLogic has worked in hundreds of homes in Louisville and Superior. We engaged with both communities and provided information and consultation on building energy codes. Our mission is to help our clients build buildings that are efficient, healthy, and resilient. Events such as the Marshall Fire demonstrate how vital resilience is and EnergyLogic will continue to be engaged in the rebuild. 

New Builds vs. Rebuilds

Louisville adopted the 2021 IECC with Appendix RC on November 23, 2021.  Appendix RC requires all new homes to be “net-zero,” demonstrated by an Energy Rating Index Score of zero or less.  Superior was in the process of evaluating moving to the 2021 IECC.  There is much controversy over whether rebuilding destroyed homes to the new codes should be required due to underinsurance and increased construction costs.  Both Louisville and Superior allow new construction rebuilds to meet the 2018 IECC rather than the more stringent 2021 IECC.   

Xcel Energy has stepped up in a significant way to promote rebuilding to a higher energy efficiency standard and support the community’s energy goals by offering rebates for Colorado Marshall Fire victims.  The incentives begin at $7,500 for meeting the 2021 IECC and increase to $37,500 for meeting the Passive House standard.  There are incremental rebates for meeting ENERGY STAR for Homes and the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program.    

EnergyLogic Helps Navigate the Rebuilding

EnergyLogic provides our existing and new builders with the information, consultation, testing, and verification to understand and meet any of these programs.  For more information, contact Rusty Buick, Director of Business Development at (720) 305-8436 or

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Rusty Buick

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